Rare Dog Breeds You May Not Know

You’ve heard of the Akita, the Poodle, and the Cocker Spaniel, but we’ll bet that you’ve never seen some of the more rare dog breeds in the world, let alone heard of them. There are all kinds of dogs from all over the world, and each of these breeds has its own special appeal. If you want a dog that’s a little bit different than the retrievers or spaniels on the block, try these!

Finnish Spitz


Officially recognized by the AKC in 1988, the Finnish Spitz isn’t a dog you see everyday. The high energy dog is a medium-size breed, and has an appearance like a fox. It was once used to hunt game and birds, and is a very lively companion.


  1. Sooner Boomer

    The Spitz looks like a fox! Love it.

  2. Mike411

    Wow so many rare breeds I’ve never heard of!

  3. No name

    Otterhund! I want one!

    Love the intense eyes on the Shilo Shepherd

  4. Greg

    Karelian Bear Dog looks like an awesome hunting dog

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