5 Dog Breeds for Living in Apartments

Are you in the market for a new dog, or your first dog? If you live on several acres, you may be able to have nearly any breed, but what if you live in anapartment? There are multiple breeds that are good apartment dogs, but you can’t just look at the dog and think their size determines their needs. You should choose a dog breed that is well-suited for nsmall spaces and apartment living, because then you’re considering the dog’s needs. It’s not fair to buy a breed that loves to run and needs a lot of space, and cramp them up in a 800 square foot apartment, especially if you haven’t done any research. If you want a happy and healthy dog that adapts well to apartment living, read on as we highlight some of the best breeds.

Cairn Terrier


The dog, most recognizable to movie fans as “Toto” from the Wizard of Oz, is good for apartment-dwelling. The dog’s small size makes him good for small spaces, he only needs 20 minutes to 30 minutes of exercise a day. The breed is known for a friendly disposition and will love to be with his owner, so be prepared to be followed from room to room!


  1. Lorraine Balatecha

    OMG Basenji is amazing

  2. Louie

    Great tips. I wish more people would look at this closely when choosing a dog.

  3. sealy

    Excellent suggetsions. Corgi are great for small spaces

  4. DgLvr

    As long as people remember you still need to exercise your dog even if it’s a good breed for apartments. Too many people are lazy. If you are lazy, get cats.

  5. Afee

    Poodles are great companions for apartments I agree

  6. Terrier

    Corgis and poodles for sure. Lots of terriers are too yappy for apartments.



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