Five Essential Voice Commands to Teach Your Dog



It’s very important for a dog to learn how to come to its owner, so the dog stays away from dangerous situations, or if you drop the leash. To start, first put a leash on your dog and make sure she’s collared.

Then stoop down or crawl on the ground at the dog’s level. Say “come” while pulling the leash. When the dog comes to you, give him affection and a treat to reinforce the command. Once the dog is nailing this command every time, remove the leash and practice the same in an enclosed area.


  1. Daphne Odell

    These are the cutest pictures and I love the advice.

  2. Keith Shouse

    Still working on sit.. not even going to attempt come. My puppy is a little slower on learning.

  3. Roger Danell

    Do a follow up on more advanced commands

  4. sugar


  5. hope low

    no not every dog. mine doesn’t understand then…or doesn’t care. probably care.

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