The Cutest Dog Pregnancy / Maternity Shoots

You’ve heard of human maternity photo sessions, but what about the same for dogs? They worked just as hard to bring those darling babes into the world and it should be celebrated, right? A growing trend among dog owners is to show their proud mama dogs bursting with joy for their upcoming puppies. These pictures are classic, and the photographers have really captured the playful and maternal instinct of the dams. Here are some classic dog maternity shoots you really have to see. Maybe they’ll inspire you to do your own maternity shoots for your dam and pups! 



Captured by photographer Ana Paula Grillo, Lilica shows off her pregnant belly in a series of adorable photos. Amazingly, the day after this photoshoot was finished, the puppies arrived. As you can see, the dog is a natural, smiling and playing to the camera. This photoshoot set off a trend as well, as dog owners across the country decided to follow their owners’ lead.


  1. Emily

    This is so precious.

  2. Abbi

    I have got to do this for my Shitzu

  3. Belle

    okay this is adorable

  4. Mark

    Seems like a weird thing to do.

  5. Rex Nolan

    My wife insists on doing this for the people on our kennel’s mailing list. It works.

  6. Amy Campbell


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