Plants Your Dog Should Never Eat

When your dog gets into the wild, open world, he is often curious about new sights and these can include plants. Plants grow abundantly all over the neighborhood, and we even have a few nice plants in our homes. Do you want what plants you should let your dog eat? Here’s a list of plants your dog must avoid, and why. If you find out your dog has ingested any of these, be sure you contact your vet for assistance. ASPC also operates a 24-hour hotline for pet poisoning at 1-888-426-4435.

Common Household Plants: Aloe, Oleander


Do you have an aloe plant in the home? Aloe is a great soother of cuts and burns, and it also has a great fragrance. Unfortuantely, when dogs and cats ingest aloe, they can have diarrhea and vomiting. If you have an aloe plant in your home, put it up where your animals can’t get it, such as in an area that’s high.

Oleander is a pretty plant, but it can be deadly to dogs. Dogs, cats and other pets who ingest oleander can suffer from diarrhea, difficulty breathing, cardiac failure and even death. Don’t let your pets get into this flower, no matter how drawn they are to it.


  1. Daphne Shangle

    oh no i have a sago palm!

  2. Nadal90

    good 2 kno about aloe

  3. Robert P. Barrow

    I have several of these, will be removing now!

  4. Nicole Flowers

    Wow, good to know before I start landscaping my lawn.

  5. Collie Mania

    Very important article. Commit to memory.

    • Kody

      I agree- can’t be too careful. Print out the lists online.

  6. Ryan Sikeowski

    So many dangers.

  7. Fred Anders

    My dog isn’t smart enough to avoid the poison plants here in the dessert (LOL) so i keep him wiht me most of the time!

  8. Oria

    Good article.

  9. None

    This is a useful article. Thank you.

  10. Sochi

    Yep, def gotta watch out for tulips. My little guy wants to inhale them.

  11. pedro

    for sure like this article sayy do not let dog near sago or bean plant

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