African Dog Breeds

Once more dogs were introduced into Africa by travellers from Asia and Europe, these dogs were interbred with the local dogs to produce an animal more suited to the environment and for various usages such as hunting lions (Rhodesian Ridgback) or for guarding and protection (Boerboel).

Most African breeds were believed to be very ancient due to hieroglyphics found in Egyptian tombs and mummified dogs which have been found buried with their owners.

However, thanks to modern technology and the use of DNA testing, it has been discovered that most of the breeds which had been believed to be ancient were actually not as old as first thought.

Only the Basenji was confirmed as a truly ancient African dog breed. The other breeds are now believed to have been bred more recently to resemble the ancient drawings and descriptions of the most ancient breeds discovered in Egyptian Tombs.


Large tall double constitution Dog. Ample, rough hair of average span. Accommodated to the mountains. Alert and safeguard possessions and their masters, including livestock.

Azawakh – Africa Mali, Lebrel top of slim build. Short, glossy. Hair Hunter uses sight as the principal focus in the pursuit. Considered great watchdog company and protection dog.

Basenji – Dog of moderate size. Short, glossy hair stuck to the body. Cola in the trunk. Hasn’t the dog odor that is typical. This breed of dog doesn’t bark. Not uneasy, although an active dog is him. At his birthplace was utilized as a hunting dog. As a company dog the United States is prized in it.

Bichon – Little Dog. It’s much such as Bolognese and the Bichon Frise. De utility as a company dog, being considered pet that was great.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback, Big dog with long and short hair tail. It’s a crest of hair. He was bred to hunt large prey. Now it’s employed as a protection dog houses and farms.

Saluki – Africa – Arabian Gazelle Hound Persian Greyhound, Persian Greyhound, Greyhound Arab, Dog tall medium to lean and tall assemble. He’s short, sleek hair, but for the ears that will be not short. It’ll make use of this dog with the assistance of falcons. Company Dog.

Sloughi – Arabian Greyhound Arab Greyhound, Greyhound Arab, Dog of moderate height and slight build. As a hunter pursuit is not ordinary. Among their quarry would be the ostrich, desert foxes desert hares, gazelles, antelopes along with other creatures of northwest Africa.

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