Breed Profile: The Witty and Energetic Terrier Group

There’s no other breed group with a personality quite like the Terrier. These dogs, which range from tiny like the Norfolk to large like the Airedale, are invariably lively and argumentative. Almost everyone who has encountered a feisty terrier has faced the inevitable terrier bark-down. The reason terriers are so quick to proclaim everyone a foe is because they were bred to hunt and kill vermin. That’s why terriers seem to have a low tolerance for other animals, including non-terrier. These loyal and lively dogs make great pets for owners who have the passion to mach.


The grand Airedale is a sweet and gentle big dog who is still not afraid to stand up for himself. The dogs are clever and confident, appearing proud of their wiry coats.


  1. renee montana

    Love them so much!

  2. The Duke

    Airedales are my favorites. Also The Duke had one.

  3. Lola Barga

    Staffordshire terriers are wonderful pets.

  4. Colin Logue

    Nice write up for a great breed. they are also very healthy overall.

  5. Anony999

    such cute pooches!

  6. Mackenzie

    So fascinating how these dogs got their start!

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