Celebrity Dog Lovers Help ASPCA Celebrate Their 150th Anniversary

The oldest animal welfare organization in America is celebrating its 150th anniversary and they are inviting you to participate. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, is the nation’s leading voice for animals. With more than two million supporters, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. Starting on the ASPCA’s April 10 birthday, the group will start 150 day pledge drive, asking those who love animals to donate 15 minutes of their time through September 7, 2016. The ASPCA hopes to achieve a goal of 150,000 acts of compassion toward animals. Actions could include adopting, fostering, volunteer, advocating for animal welfare laws or donating food, toys and other things animals need.

Celebrities are participating in the effort by highlighting their dogs.

Jennifer Coolidge


Jennifer Coolidge, one of the stars of CBS sitcom Two Broke Girls, has two adopted dogs, Dilly and Monkey. Coolidge found Dilly wandering a busy intersection in Los Angeles. When a man said the dog was homeless, Coolidge brought home the terrier, greyhound and retriever mix. She adopted her second dog after appearing on a talk show where they did a dog segment and encouraged people to adopt the dogs. She did a segment with Monkey but when she called the next day to see if the dog had been adopted, they told Coolidge she had not gone home with anyone. Coolidge thought it was a sign an she adopted the dog.


  1. Great pics

  2. i saw an episode of animal rescue hosted by Edie Falco. I loved nurse jackie!

  3. Jennifer Collidge is from Best in Show!

  4. Fitty named his dog OPRAH.

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