Checklist for Summer Road Trips With Your Dog

Summer is almost here and that means plenty of opportunities for you and your dog to go on a road trip! Before you go, check out our comprehensive checklist of everything you must do to make your travels safe and fun for your dogs.


Call Your Vet – Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. If you are going overseas, ensure the dog is vaccinated for any specific diseases or situations he may encounter in a new environment. Ensure your dog has flea and tick prevention capsules.

Plan Ahead – Locate a vet in your destination location and put his or her contact information into your phone just in case. Always know the location of a 24-hour emergency vet whenever you travel. Make sure you take your dog’s medical records with you.


  1. great tips

  2. Love it!

  3. nods in agreement

  4. Def see the vet first

  5. Don’t bother with hotels that aren’t dog friendly. That’s whyy we camp.

  6. always use flea and tick

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