Classic Dog Books Every Dog Lover Should Read

Travels with Charley


Near the end of his life, author John Steinbeck (Cannery Row) wrote a travelogue about his adventures with his beloved poodle, Charley, in Travels with Charley: In Search of America. The road trip takes place in 1960, as Steinbeck and Charley travel from Long Island, New York nearly 10,000 miles. The journey takes them along the border of the United States to Maine, the Northwest, California, and more, before they finally return to New York.


  1. Harry

    Good recs – I saved a few for my kids. She’s dog crazy.

  2. Todd

    I never knew 101 dalmatians was a book!

  3. Jamie

    OMG, I read Ribsy as a kid!

  4. liana

    oh wow, i didn’t know the origin of lassie.

  5. Vanessa

    ….I have to check and see if any of these have a dead dog before I give them to my kids.

    • Vanessa

      You’re good with 101 dalmatians and ribsy for sure. Read them as a kid. Shiloh too since it has sequels!

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