Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

If you have a dog, you probably want your canine to enjoy his surroundings, and that means your home should be dog-friendly. Some dog owners overlook an important element of their home, the backyard, when creating a dog-friendly home. It’s easy to make your yard a fun, safe and welcoming place for dogs, because, after all, it’s his domain.



Your dog wants to wander, and may have the occasion to do so if you don’t install a good fence. Dogs leave their yard because of other dogs, fear, boredom, the need to chase, and more. To curb these instincts and keep your dog sage at home, you need to install a good fence, or your dog may get lost or hit by a car.

You can consider the following fencing needs:

  • Your dog should be unable to dig his way out – placing stones around the fence permimeter is a good deterreant
  • If your dog is prone to jumping over a fence, make sure you have a smooth surface on the top of the fence, so he won’t be able to grasp it to climb
  • Fill holes between posts with stones or other obstacles
  • Bury chicken wire – sharp sides facing away from the dog – under the fence to prevent digging
  • Install a heavy-duty gate closing merchanism, particularly if your dog has figured out how to open the gate before
  • Install a porthole (bought on Amazon or in a pet store) in your fence so your pup can look out in the world still


Add Water Elements

Your dog needs to cool off just like you, and you can add water elements in your backyard to help him do so. A kiddie pool filled with water will do the trick, and is a cheap way to make sure your pet cools off and has fun. You can create a pond or running river, or install a waterfall feature for the same use. Just make sure your dog can easily enter and exit the water features.


Give Him Something to Dig

Dogs love to dig and by creating a sandbox of his own in your backyard, you’ll be decreasing the chances of him digging in your yard. You can bury his bones, and other toys, and he’ll have fun digging them up. You’ll also be stimulating his mind and curiousity.

Choose Garden and Yard Plants Carefully

Not every plant will go good for your dog, and you should ensure that you plant only non-toxic plants. Aloe, sago palm, mulch, and other common yard landscaping choices can cause horrible effects in dogs. Check the ASPCA list of toxic and non-toxic plants to see what’s best for your dog.

Give Shelter and Shade

As your dog runs around and plays outside, he’ll need to cool off in between his bouts of energy. You should give your dog a comfortable place to relax in the shade so you won’t get overheated. Construct a dog house or have a shaded area with trees where your dog may rest.

Followng the tips above will let you create a fun and safe yard for your dog, and they may play out there without worry.


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