Dog Training Technique: How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People

Doggie Welcome Committee


Does your dog act as the Welcome Committee for anyone entering your home? Does he always jump on you or your guests the second you come through the door? If so, you might just have an enthusiastic greeter on your hands. Jumping is a common behavior dogs do when they are greeting, when they want something, when they are excited. They also may use jumping to communicate with you, such as when they want to play or would like a treat.Jumping isn’t appropriate, however, and could be dangerous and lead to injuries to you, your dog, guess or your kids.


  1. I’ve never heard of this technique. Great ideas.

  2. Some good tips here.

  3. Getting on eye-level is a big help with my dogs. And my children.

  4. Best thing is to work on this while they are young. It’s a tough habit to break.

  5. my dog is an unrepentant welcome committee.

  6. A common problem. Consistency is super important as this article points out.

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