Dog Training Technique: How to Get Your Dog to Stop Jumping On People

How to Stop Dogs from Jumping


If your dogs are jumpers, then you can use the Four Paws on the Floor as a guide for how to re-train your dog. The purpose is to make sure the dog learns that to get what he or she wants, keeping “four on the floor” is the sure way to do it. This technique will teach any dog that a mellow and relaxed greeting is the predicate for a positive interaction and treat.

When you first come home and your dog greets you, only greet him or her back when they have all four paws on the floor. If a guest is arriving, use a harness and leash on your dog before you let the guest come in. Then make sure your dog is calm and has four on the floor before the guest greets the dog. A baby gate is also a good restraint for when you get company. Then you can reassure your dog with some pets and treats when he has calmed down behind the gate.


  1. I’ve never heard of this technique. Great ideas.

  2. Some good tips here.

  3. Getting on eye-level is a big help with my dogs. And my children.

  4. Best thing is to work on this while they are young. It’s a tough habit to break.

  5. my dog is an unrepentant welcome committee.

  6. A common problem. Consistency is super important as this article points out.

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