Five Dangerous Things for Your Dogs to Avoid This Spring

Spring has finally sprung! That means more opportunities for you and your dogs to get outside and explore the neighborhood and parks, not to mention your backyard. Of course a new season means new things for your pups to get involved in, and not all of them are good. Here are five hazards for your dog to avoid this spring.

1. Freshly Planted Gardens


You and your neighbors are probably busy planting new flower beds and refreshing your gardens. These not only look great to you, they are very appealing to the dog! Freshly dug earth and yummy smelling plants are like catnip to a dog who loves to dig in the dirt and eat some munchies. But plants can be dangerous for the dog. Daffodils, lilies and tulips are common in spring, but they are harmful if ingested. Fertilizers are not safe for dogs, so unless they are certified as organic and not toxic for pets, keep your dog away from fertilizers – they could be poisonous. Disulfoton is a component of fertilizers that could even be fatal, so make sure you read the labels.

Since you can’t always keep an eye on your dog 24 hours, 7 days a week, at least be aware of some common warning signs that the dog may have stumbled upon a dangerous garden: vomiting, excessive drooling, red or irritated mouth.

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