German Dog Breeds

It is said that if you are planning on adopting dogs, you will face a difficult decision between German dog breeds or American dog breeds. Yup, that is what you should decide about the breed origin. Both of them have pros and cons and this is what you need to decide. Each of them also has many kinds and types of dogs that can be easily trained or harder but it has stronger body and can be as a dog guard in the home. Here, it depends on what you want to select.

But sure, German dog breeds have the pros about the body and characters. It means, there are many excellent dogs with German origin such GSD or German shepherd Dog, Leonbergers, German Pointer, German Spaniel, German Spitz, German Wolfspitz and many more of the German dog breeds list are as the excellent dogs because of their intelligences, abilities and personalities. They are also easy to train and can be said as smart and working dogs.

Even, German dog breeds are much more by the types than American. There is also American dog that has the German origin. It is because of the anti-German sentiment at the World War 2. So, there are more options to choose and adopt about the characters and personalities of the dogs. And you can decide what the purpose of adopting the dogs. It means each reason may give you inspiration to select the right kind and type of the dog.

For example if you are selecting the German dog breeds as friends or pets where you can play with them both indoor and outdoor, you may be interested in the small to medium or even large and giant size dog where they have a higher intelligence about training, easy to housetrain, and love exercises and if you want to select as home guard, you will be interested in the medium to giant size with soundly bark and aggressive and high temperaments character.

In the German dog breeds you will also find the dogs that are easy to socialize with other dogs and be peaceful with other pets in the home even they are different. Usually, this is a kind of dog that easy to train and do many games and exercise. They are also friendlier with the new people in the home. Otherwise, you can also select the opposite as the purpose of adopting.
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