Here’s How to Help Animals Displaced in the Louisiana Floods

The Louisiana flooding has displaced many, including furry friends. While we sit and watch the impact of the ravaging waters on homes, businesses, and towns, the news is also full of how the animals are being affected by the conditions. The Red Cross has marked this as one of the worst natural disasters since Hurricane Sandy, and the animal rescue community has come together to help out those without a voice. If you’re interested in helping out an animal shelter or rescue organization with the aftermath of the Louisiana floods, here’s how.

Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge is currently serving as a temporary shelter for animals who have been displaced by the flooding, taking in as many as 90 animals. The city-run shelter is keeping all of these pets for 10 to 30 days in hopes of locating their owners. Companion Animal Alliance is already a rescue shelter and may be overwhelmed with these new additions. Donations can be mailed to the shelter or given on their website. The shelter is need of blankets, leashes crates, pet food, and more, if you live near the area. You can also make a purchase on Amazon using Amazon Smile and choose Companion Animal Alliance as the beneficiary.


Unfortunately, Tangi Humane Society, a local no-kill shelter run by volunteers, was flooded and lost everything. They’re in need of donations to their GoFundMe, and you can also send PayPal donations to [email protected]m.


Denham Springs Animal Shelter was also flooded, but luckily PetCo is matching the dollar amount raised on their GoFundMe up to $50,000. The shelter was nearly destroyed, and will need extensive repair. You can donate on their GoFundMe. The shelter’s Amazon wishlist will soon be replinshed with new needs as well.

Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter is currently running as a LASPCA back-up shelter and is swamped with animals. You can make a donation online or mail one. reports that the shelter is in need of temporary foster parents, leashes, treats, pet food, toys and more. Livingston SPCA also needs donations to replenish their supplies and medicine, as well as new foster parents. You can Donate online or contact the factility to find out how to be a foster parent.


Dogs and other animals are also living with their owners in shelters in Louisiana, and you can reach out and contact the shelters to see if they’re in need of anything as well. Livestock such as horses and sheep have also been affected by the flooding, and are being housed in areas like Lamar Dixon Expo Center, along with their owners, after their homes were destroyed by the water. The Louisiana State Animal Response Team is collecting donations for these animals, and you can make financial contributions online at their website.

Hurricane Katrina changed the way animals are rescued in an emergency, when Congress passed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006, which let animals be considered in rescue plans of households, however, animals still need our help. Despite the tireless efforts of volunteers wading through the streets to rescue the animals, there’s always more you can do and I hope these gave you a few places to start.


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