Home Remedies for Dogs

A dog is more than a pet; it is a member of the family. When illness strikes, the first instinct for many is to contact a veterinarian. However, with costs constantly going up that can be too great of an expense. Certain home remedies may be used for common ailments, helping your four-legged loved one feel better.

Dog Constipation Home Remedies

There are numerous dog constipation home remedies, all centered around the idea that it may be useful to force defecation than to allow the condition to resolve on its own. The most effect method is apple cider vinegar. Apply a quarter cup of vinegar, per ten pounds of weight, to the dog’s food. It is guaranteed to help flush out their system quickly.

Helping a Sore Throat

The only truly effective sore throat home remedies for dogs are increased amounts of water and specialized cans of food. Make an appointment with your vet – sore throats are often symptoms of major health issues with dogs.

Dog Fleas Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies to get rid of fleas, though the most effective can easily be the cheapest. Dawn dish soap can kill all the fleas in the fur, and frequent vacuuming of all areas on the carpet that do not receive UV light (under furniture) can help eliminate the issue.

Yeast Infection Remedies

Seeing a dog walk around with smelly, flushed and scabby skin can break the heart of even the most cynical of owners. Thankfully, a dog yeast infection home remedy can easily handle this condition.

This infection of the skin can be treated by making the environment unviable for the bacteria or fungus. You can do this by cleaning away dead skin and applying apple cider vinegar. This will deprive it of food, and sterilize the local area.


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