How Long Do Dogs Live

How long do dogs live

However, there is no basic mathematic formula to determine or to predict how long your dog will live. On average, smaller dogs have a tendency to live for a longer time than bigger dogs but it actually depends on the breed of dog. This is simple fact that the body of larger dogs is more stressed than the body of smaller dogs and inherited genes have a part to play in finding out the life-span of various dog breeds.

Large dog breeds live about ten years, despite the fact that there are exceptions to each and every rule. For example, an Irish wolfhound has a lifespan of about 7 years. Toy breeds and smaller dogs, such as Whippets have a tendency to live longer from 12-15 years.

Those are generalizations. These statistics are things to consider over all good health and proper care with frequent check-ups with your local Veterinary throughout your Dogs lifespan. Inherited genes also play an important role in lifespan, with some dog breeds tending to live longer than others on average.

Research has revealed that mixed dogs may live longer than the large, medium and giant dog breeds of purebred. They do not normally live as long as the small and Toy breeds of purebreds. This is in the situations where the mixed breeds are well taken care of. These figures may be relatively manipulated by the fact that thousands of mixed breeds are put to sleep annually without being adopted. Possibly some of the dogs put to sleep are the fewer healthy and balanced mixed dog breeds. If the unsafe mixed dog breeds were adopted they may not live so long as the healthy dogs and they might bring the entire lifespan down.

Recent developments in medical research have led to dogs having much better lifespan than they did say 20 years ago. Dogs can now be treated for tumors, cancer and various conditions which formerly would have resulted in living shorter life. It might not be possible to treat all dogs with severe illnesses but lot of them can have their lifespan extended.

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