How to Groom a Dog

It is desirable to obey a daily routine of grooming: this is an effective solution to bond with your dog, besides taking good care of his fur.

Daily brushing removes any parasite that your pet may have brought a walk, dirt and dead hair. Choose a toothbrush created for dogs like yours which is suitable because of their size and form of hair.

The grooming is also a good chance to scrutinize the hooves, eyes, ears and teeth of your pet.

Cut on Nail
Nails is not going to grow too if your dog tends to walk on hard surfaces like sidewalks usually. But otherwise, you may have to cut the nails from time to time to walk comfortably. Ask your veterinarian or a professional dog groomer to explain you.

Eyes and ears
Ears and eyes of your dog must be clean. You are able to clean the region around the eyes with gauze. Do the same but be cautious not to get inside; Inside is a very sensitive area.

Teeth and gums
Gums and teeth of your dog require attention that could not be easy to give – can learn how to brush your dog in our section. After six months, it is possible to help prevent difficulties with Pedigree Daily Dentastix, which can be clinically proven to decrease the accumulated up to 80% tartar from gums and teeth.

Dogs with curly coat, such as terriers and Poodle, want a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks. Dogs with soft coat, as the Cocker Spaniel, need a haircut every three months.

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