Important Dog Facts That Every Dog Breeder Should Know

Dog Facts

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because they were the first domesticated animals. The dogs have been kept by human beings for hunting, working and as a pet. They are a subspecies of the gray wolf and are related to jackals and foxes.

The characteristics of affection, loyalty, protectiveness and friendship have earned them an important position in the society. In hunter-gatherer societies they are used as bodyguards and hunting allies against predators. They can also serve as guardians of cattle, sheep and goats, they can also be used for companionship and social purposes. They can even be used for therapy in hospitals with the aim of encouraging patients toward recovery.

Dogs come in a large range of shapes and sizes, although they are all genetically identical having the same anatomic features. They have two sets of teeth with twenty-eight deciduous teeth and forty two adult teeth. Dogs do not chew their food, instead they gulp or swallow it once it is taken in the mouth. All dogs are running animals and can run over long distances except those that are bred specifically for different purposes.

Dogs have five senses although some senses are more highly developed, and others deficient. The sense of smell is the most acute and is better than that of human beings. This is the reason dogs are used to track missing persons, dig underground, and trace any type of toxic substances like gases. The sense of taste is not as developed but the sense of hearing is well developed and can detect noises that are well beyond the range of the human ear. They have a wide field of vision because their eyes are located toward the side of their heads. They are sensitive to touch and use it to communicate with one another as well as with human beings.

Dogs have growls, barks, and howls that are identified among themselves. Certain sounds made by dogs can enable the dog owner to determine if the dog is fearful, playful, warning of a stranger nearby, or hurt.

When determining the type of dog it is important to get a healthy dog, friendly, outgoing, the eyes should be shiny and bright, ears should smell clean, and the dog should have a good form and build.

Dogs have the following likes facts:

> Exercise- When dogs are confined for a long period, they tend to tail chase, whine and bark excessively. Supervised exercise should therefore be done. Lack of exercise creates boredom and stress in the dog.
> Good health- This can be through keeping them in the best physical condition, feeding them the best quality food and having a veterinarian take care of them.
> Guidance- Dogs need direction to learn control, focus and etiquette. Without this, they will become insecure.
> Socialization- When dogs interact, they usually feel fulfilled. When a dog is isolated, it can erupt in fury when confronted by a person. To socialize effectively, the dog needs to be taken out on a regular basis to visit the dog park, have contact with friendly dogs, and with people. Do not take the dog to unpredictable and chaotic environments.
> Calm and Consistency- Dogs prefer that their owners are calm and consistent. This should also be applied when it comes to consequence as a behavior from the owner that is not consistent will confuse the dog.

Dogs dislike facts:

> Getting bored
> Inconsistent behavior from the owner
> Owners that are aggressive
> Being punished when they are unable to do tricks
> Being forced to interact with people or dogs they dislike
> Being teased
> When the owners ignore them
> Getting the same food all the time

The advantages of having a dog are:

  1. They are fun to play with and run with, They can therefore make you meet your fitness goals.
  2. They cannot betray you as they are usually loyal, they protect you and can follow you everywhere.
  3. Dog owners have less loneliness, stress, depression, diseases and high self-esteem.
  4. By barking, the dog can keep away burglars from your home.

The disadvantages of having a dog are:

  1. You have to be committed to spending time with the dog, because a dog is usually not happy if there is no daily exercise as dogs need to enjoy their freedom, run, and use their noses in a natural surroundings.
  2. Taking care of a dog is costly because of the dog food required, dog kennel and going to the vet.
  3. Whenever you are away, you will need someone to watch your dog.
  4. You will have to invest some time to train the dog to a certain extent.

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