Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Actually how it is recognized as the small, large or medium sized dog breeds? There are some tips to define and group the dogs as medium dog and it is by the size and weight of the body. It is about 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder and also about 40 to 60 pounds. So, if you have dogs in that size of the body and weight, it can be named as medium sized dog breeds. For the smaller size and weight it can be said in small and for the higher of it, it can be said as big or large.

There are many types of dogs as the group of the medium dog breeds. You can also select the best medium dog breeds based on the behaviors, temperaments, characters, training methods, health problem, easy care and many more. Yup, to select the best one, it can be seen in many aspects and each person may be different in defining the best dog as the characteristic and personality of the dog. Each dog has their own characters and personality need to be noticed.

Here, there are about 10 examples of the group of medium dog breeds you may be interested. First, it is Labrador retriever. Labrador retriever is grouped as medium dogs with the characteristics by gentle demeanor, not aggressive and lively. Second is Bulldog. Bulldog has friendly and smooths temperament, courageous (it is not brutal and not attack people) and firm. Third, it is Boxer. It has the origin of Germany. Boxer has strong appearance and shape.

The fourth group of medium dog breeds is Bearded Collie. Bearded Collie is a herding dog type. It has the origin of Scotland. It has temperament such as active, alert, intelligent, lively and playful. Fifth is Australian cattle dog. Australian cattle dog has the temperament like witty, alert, brave, honest, the ability and also absolutely loyal companion. Sixth is Pumi. Pumi has been grouped as medium size dog by the origin of Hungary. It is proactive, intelligent, active and more.

Seventh group of medium dog breeds Berger Picard. Berger Picard has medium-size; it is also as herding dog breed (based AKC). It has the origin by France. For the temperament, it looks intelligent and stubborn. Eight is Polish Hunting Dog. It has medium size body with Scenthound dog breeds characteristics. For the temperament, they are brave, courageous, stable and gentle and more. Ninth is Welsh springer spaniel. Welsh springer spaniel has medium-sized by the group of sporting dog breed. For the temperament, they are loyal, friendly and also suborn.

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