Most Favorite White Dog Breeds

It is no doubt that white dog breeds are still being favorite pet and friend by many people and by certain reasons. Pure white dog breeds are still being a choice because the white color accent that looks clean, fresh and beautiful. Even, for some, white color for the dog has certain meaning. Despite of the lacks, white dog still look fashionable this day. At least, they don’t have old fashion to wear and they can be styled with trendy style. It looks wonderful and beautiful to adopt and care.

White dog breeds are there many from the small, large or white dog breeds medium are looking great to have a morning walk or play with them in the backyard. They have bright white color and it is impressive and awesome to show. Furthermore, if you care the dogs with the right care methods, it looks fabulous and they will be always health. Besides it, understanding their characters, personality, temperaments, likes and dislikes are also important for the master to care the white dogs.

There are some favorite white dog breeds on the list as the most favorite friend and pet. They have different personalities, characteristics and likes and dislikes. Even, there are some of them really love outdoor exercise and some less. This is all should be well considered by the master to know more about the right exercises to have because the right exercise can make their feelings be better and far from stress. It can happen as the opposite treatment.

You can consider the following white dog breeds as the most favorite white dogs. They are West Highland White Terrier. The origin is from Scotland. The AKC Group is Terrier. They have fun fact like being a mascot of food name. They love to have outdoor exercise even just walking around the blocks. Second is American Eskimo. The origin is from Germany. The AKC Group is Non-sporting. They don’t really love exercise but it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun at all.

Third of the white dog breeds is Great Pyrenees. It has medium body size. The origin is from France. The AKC Group is working. These breeds are also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dog. They have working style where they may not be able to stop from activities like digging, playing hide and seek, or finding hidden object game and more. Fourth, you can also go with American White Shepherd. Its origin is from United States and Canada. The AKC Group is Herding. They love to do exercises.
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