Should You Become a Dog Breeder?

Dog breeding may seem attractive to some people because they like spending time with dogs, and would like to make it their profession or hobby. Before you decide to become a dog breeder, you should know that it isn’t just a simple as mating your dogs and raising puppies to sell. There are a lot of things to consider about becoming a dog breeder, and if you want to do well by yourself and the breeder community at large, you should consider the pros, cons, and demands of breeding.


Investing Time and Money

Are you prepared to take on the cost of becoming a breeder? Breeding dogs doesn’t just involve money, it involves time. You need become knowledge about the breed, and read about the characteristics, kennel club standards, and other issues concerning your potential pups. It’s best if you have first-hand knowledge and experience with the breed, such as you grew up with the breed or have raised puppies for several years. Just reading a book on the breed and beginning a dog breeding business is not recommended. You don’t want to get the reputation of being a poor breeder, especially if you aren’t equipped to take on the new responsibilities this profession can take. Breeding means taking on all kinds of fees, including vet bills, food costs, obedience training, stud fees, kennel registration, and more. You may also need to invest in an attorney if you need to form to a LLC or other corporate entity as a recognized breeder in your community. Travel costs are too a concern if you will be going to shows often.


Dog breeding isn’t a one-time hobby

Dog breeding can be a hobby, but for many, it’s a way of life. They do it because they love spending time with the breed. doesn’t mean that you’ll be breeding dogs for “fun” but because you want to make sure the community gets great dogs from a reliable breeder. It’s isn’t a one-time hobby that you do for awhile until you get bored. It’s a commitment in more than ways than one. You’re committing yourself to your dogs, their future litters, and the community at large.

Space and equipment

Are you ready to take on the daily demands of being a dog breeder? If you live in a city, you may run into certain laws and regulations that will affect you being a breeder, and some cities may even have a rule regarding how many dogs you can have on your property. These type of details must be considered when you’re on your way to becoming a dog breeder. You’ll need adequate housing for the dogs and space for them to run. It’s not recommended you become a breeder if you live in apartment complexes, one because you may not be allowed to do so, and two, it’s not fair to the dogs to be in such cramped quarters.


Placing the puppies

Once you have bred your dogs, you’ll need to place their puppies with good homes. This takes care and attention to the dog’s potential new owners, and you must be prepared to screen them well. Out of commitment to your dogs, your puppies’ new home must be safe and appropriate. You don’t want your dog going to a home where he’ll be abandoned or mistreated, so you’ll have to spend time with each potential adopter, even going to their home if needed.

Not every person is well-suited to be a dog breeder, and it’s good to know what to expect before you get into the business. If you can’t accurately say that you’re ready to commit to any of the requirements laid out above, then you shouldn’t be a dog breeder. While the experience is rewarding for those who do it, it’s also a big comitment. Even if you can’t be a dog breeder, you can still spend time online and in person with those who love the breed, and you may enjoy helping out a local breeder, so get in touch with your local kennel club or breed organization.



  1. Very informative article. nice job.

  2. Few people are cut out to be dog breeders.

  3. Good summary of all the issues. It’s hard work and requires lots of money and time. It’s not a business to make money if you want to be reputable.

  4. super article. it’s about the love not the money. don’t go to puppy mills.

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