The Best Life Hacks for Dog Owners

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These hacks will help you have a safe and fun time with your dogs while you two are enjoying some quality outside time:

  • More and more cafes are encouraging you to bring your dogs. A brewery near me even carries dog biscuits. If you’re hanging out at a local bar or just in your backyard, hook a bottle opener on his collar like a tag. That way man’s best friend can help him pop the top off a brew or soda.
  • Need to secure your dog’s leash while you run inside a store or while he rests while you enjoy a cup of coffee outside? Well, just carry a caribiner with you and use it to secure the least around something permanent like a street lamp post. Just be careful not to leave your dog unattended for more than a few minutes at a time.

Safety First

  • Some dogs like to get a bath and some hate it. But remember to keep soap and shampoo out of their ears and eyes. For an easy tip, use a child size shower cap.
  • Certain foods are absolutely toxic to your pets. You need to be familiar with them and even memorize them if you can. Why? Think about how easy and quick your dog is to get into trouble. Some dogs are like heat-seeking missiles when it comes to stuff they aren’t allowed to have, like chocolate. Here’s what you must avoid at all costs.


                    Potato Sprouts

                   Green Potatoes



                  Grapes (including raisins)


                 Pits from Peaches or Apricots



Clean, Clean, Clean


Cleaning your house and car can be taxing activity when you have dogs. Their hair gets in every nook and cranny. These tips will give you a leg up (pun intended):

  • Baking soda is your friend when cleaning dog urine out of the carpet. Although there are a number of different products on the market that do a good job, there’s nothing that works better than baking soda. Plus it’s good to have on hand for those unexpected moments.
  • Pet hair on your furniture? Grab some rubber gloves and rub your hands back and forth on the upholstery. You’ll be surprised how quickly that pet fur comes up!
  • A similar trick works wonders for your carpet. Break out a small squeegee (you can find them in the drugstore, auto parts store or even in Ikea) and rake it gently over your carpet. The hair comes right up and your carpet will be safe.

Easy, Peasey

  • Some dogs hate strong running water because they are afraid of faucets. Some dogs are hard to rinse without a hose. An easy fix to rinse your dog is to simply use a teapot and slowly and gently rinse off the dog.
  • Tired of having your dog products scattered throughout the house? Keep them in one place. A shower caddy is the ideal receptacle because it’s compact and portable.
  • Have a dog who has trouble chewing, or who is aging? Add some water or lite-sodium chicken broth to the food, which will soften it and add a little flavor.


  1. Hola

    Neat article. and i just adore that pick of the three terriers

  2. Nicole Ainge

    nice – i wil def use the shower cap for sure

  3. Marguerite

    Definitely know the list of banned foods. There are a few more than is listed here. My vet actually had a printed card to take with everywhere. Ask your vet for one or print one out.

  4. Flynn

    Love these hacks!

  5. Dog Lover

    Cool. God that photo of the dog with the shower cap is so precious!

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