These Dogs Can Do Some Amazing Things

Think your dog has some crazy tricks? You haven’t seen anything yet! These dogs do more than just play fetch or roll over.  The dogs profiled here have more advanced tricks and hobbies with their owners, and you won’t believe how extreme it can get. From surfing to flying, here are dogs who perform activities beyond the common pooch’s repertoire.

Ricochet, the Surfice Dog

Yes, you read that right. Ricochet is a SURFice dog, according to her handlers. The Golden Retriever has an important mission: she helps disabeled individuals, including children, surf. Known as a hero dog, therapy dog and service dog, Ricochet has helped raised nearly 500,000 for causes, and is a media sensation. Hanging 20 is in the pup’s blood and she also participates in surfing dog competitions, often coming in the top three every time. Ricochet works with individuals and helps fundraise for the individuals to receive their own service dog. In 2014, Ricochet’s second book, Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions was published. She’s also a viral YouTube star.

Otto, the Bulldog Skater

Otto is a dog of many talents. The bulldog broke the record for skateboarding dog skating through the longest human travelled in 2015, but he can also surf and skimboard. Otto lives in Peru and loves to skateboard. You’ll find him on social media and YouTube.


Arbor, the Painting Dog

It may not be an extreme sport, but Arbor is a dog who paints! Arbor’s paintings have gone for up to $300 each, and it’s hard to to believe that she was once a shelter dog! This dog doesn’t just paint with her paws, but instead, she uses the paintbrush in her mouth. Once she gets to work, Arbor makes designs on the canvas or paper. Her owners say that she learned how to pick up the brush and distance herself from the canvas to make the proper strokes. Not only is this pawcasso a budding artist, but the money for her paintings goes to animal charities.


Dally, the Horseback Riding Dog

Dally is a Jack Russell Terrier and Spanky is a minature horse who love performing tricks together. Both animals were rescued by their trainer, Francesca Carson, and the duo is inseperable. Dally likes to ride on Spanky’s back, and can jump on there whenever he desires – the horse pays no mind! The little dog stays firm on the horse’s back, guiding Spanky over barrels. Carson noticed the dog paying attention to the horse’s training, and decided to let Dally join in on the fun. The duo appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2015.

Can you believe what these dogs can do? They all have their own footage on YouTube so be sure to look them up and see their latest news. Maybe you’ll be inspired to teach your dog a few of these tricks as well.


  1. ryan

    the horseback riding dog is the best! watch his videos!

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    Cool great article. I love dogs.

  3. Eileen McDonald

    Proves yet again how smart dogs are.

  4. randy11

    Lots of dogs can paint. If you start searching for youtube videos you’ll be stuck for hours. lol

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    Dogs are so sweet and smart and loyal. Love you Ricchochet!

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    Thanks for this article. I need something uplifting in our crappy world.

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