Top 10 Reasons To Own A Dog

The most obvious reason of owning a dog, especially a watch or guard dog is to enhance security. The barking of a dog tells you that there is an intruder. It could be a person or another dog or anything else that is not usual in the compound or given setting. Apart from keeping you in the know and keeping intrusions at bay, there are so many other benefits of owning a dog. They are the reasons most people look for pet dogs to keep in their homes. Here are some of the reasons why you might find owning a dog more beneficial.

Top 10 Reasons To Own A Dog

  1. Dogs empathize with human pains and will therefore make you feel better when in distress or crying. They tend to approach people in distress with an aim to help in comforting them.
  2. They can reduce work stress since they have a way of boosting a happy feeling with their playful nature and cuddling. You will work better when you can a dog accompanying you or hanging around you as you work.
  3. Some of the dogs can detect seizures long before they happen and this can be helpful if you suffer from a condition. Some can even detect cancers such as lung cancers through breath and they can be helpful in the medical field. Some can detect low sugar levels, saving the lives of diabetics in the process by getting help soonest.
  4. Dogs have a way of keeping babies healthier because they track all the mud and dirt and germ infested bits that would otherwise affect the little ones. You will therefore experience fewer runny noses, ear infections and coughs in your children when there is a god around.
  5. They can help you stay healthy and in shape since they keep you active. This is thanks to their playful nature and the fact that you will need to walk them on a regular basis. You will also find jogging more enjoyable, interesting and fun when you take your dog with you.
  6. They keep you more social since they make it easier for you to approach other people or to be approached by others. It helps reduce isolation which can be depressing. You will have something to talk about making it easier to get to know each other.
  7. The simple kiss of a dog can heal your wounds. Dog saliva has shown to stimulate muscles and nerves as well as oxygen circulation all of which help in the process of healing wounds.
  8. They offer companionship to the elderly keeping positive feelings and vibes high even when they are not doing so well. Elderly people who own dogs need fewer doctor visits
  9. They reduce risks of heart problems thanks to the exercises they offer you during the walks and their presence which is comforting. They can also help with depression with the immense human love they can show keeping you happy at all times.
  10. Dogs can comfort autistic children considering how stressful the world can be for them. They are therapeutic and reduce in the amount of stress hormones in the children bodies eventually calming them down. They find a friend and comforter in the dogs.

Owning a dog can without a doubt be beneficial for all people. With so many breeds and sizes, you will have an easy time making the right decision with your dog.

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