Top 7 Dog Trainers on YouTube

The landscape for training and breeding dogs has changed dramatically as a result of the internet. Not only are there valuable articles about almost every topic, there are photographs, social media sharing and plenty of videos full of cute pups. If you are a dog breeder and you haven’t tapped into the network of training videos available on YouTube, it’s high time you start. There is a wealth of information that makes the how-to process easier than ever before.

These are my favorites.


Donna Hill 

Donna Hill is a Canadian behaviorist who has dozens of quality videos about training dogs without use of force. Her index divides the videos by subject. As a result, you can choose from:

  • Getting Started in Clicker Training
  • Training Concepts
  • Habits of Effective Clicker Trainers
  • Clicker Training Puppies
  • Impulse Control Behaviors
  • Training Recall
  • Dog Care

…and many, many more.


Zak George

Zak George and his Dog Training School are extremely popular. The enthusiastic trainer has a whopping 537,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His book, “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution,” explains everything you need to know to train your dogs from puppies to old age. Zak’s infectious videos promise to train any dog, no mater how stubborn, and based on his subscriber base, he delivers!

Just Jesse 197

Jesse is the cutest Jack Russell Terrier you will ever see. He and his owner, Heather Brook, present dozens of videos on all aspects of Jack’s life as a bona fide YouTube star. Jesse is the star of the “Useful Dog Tricks” Viral Video Series on YouTube. You can watch Jesse do everything from go surfing to shopping. Heather’s website contains all of her secrets for how she trained Jesse to do so many amazing things.

Pamela Marxen

Pam Marxen’s website and YouTube site are great sources of information about how to train your dogs. The website provides tips, tricks and even online courses. The YouTube site has over 18,000 subscribers and presents video examples of nearly every kind of dog training tactics. Pam’s site focuses exclusively on no-force training.


Eileen and Dogs 

Eileen Anderson is exactly the kind of calm, reasoned, personable and fun person who makes dog training so much fun. Her website and YouTube site, called simply EileenandDogs, provides plenty of video clips that illustrate exactly what she’s talking about in terms that are easy to understand. Eileen eschews gimmicks like becoming the “pack leader” or “dominating” your dogs in favor of tried and true cognitive behavioral training exercises that really work.


Sweden’s Emily Larlham is one of the most thorough dog trainers on the web, with a huge cache of eminently watchable videos on YouTube. Larlham resides in San Diego, where she runs the very popular dog training company, Dogmatics. Her channel, Kikopup, has more than 139,000 subscribers. Emily’s recommendations include training exercises, goals, and inspirations, all based on positive reinforcement. If you want to learn the tricks of dog obedience, Kikopup will teach you how in no time.

Training Positive

Training Positive is all about what it calls The Science & Art of Training Dogs. The Chicago-based trainer has more than 209,000 subscribers and over 20 million page-views! The channel answers your most pressing questions and features ideas for beginners, intermediates and advanced dog owners and trainers, breaking the tactics down easily so anyone can understand.


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