What Are Some Small Dog Breeds

There are just some times that you have no choice but to get small dog breeds because having dog breeds of small stature means you can enjoy life to the fullest without having to worry about big dogs and bigger maintenance. Either way having small dog breeds is a very ideal way to live a pet life with people if you live in the city and have no choice but to abide by the city rules on having only specific type of dog breeds to take care of.

In most cases, small dog breeds are a lot better to take care of than big dog breeds, but they are more of a toy dog of sorts rather than an actual family guardian, so a small dog breed is more suited for apartment dwellers and condo unit people. If you should ask, what are some small dog breeds? Here are some of the best small dog breeds that you can consider owning:

  1. Dachshund – the Dachshund is a very vigilant dog to own and the smaller variant of this breed is also a great addition to any familiy or home that want a small dog breed to own for themselves or for kids to play with. It has been known to be a very close fellow to family members and its masters so you don’t have to worry about disobedience a lot – this breed is quite the loyal one.
  2. Skye Terrier – most apartment and condo unit owners and dwellers love to keep terrier type small dog breeds for their own because they are not only easy to take care of but also very cute and toy like! Most women and senior citizens and celebrities own terriers and similar types of dog breeds. The Skye Terrier is a very social type of dog breed among the small dog breeds so you don’t have to worry a lot on getting it socialized to the neighborhood, that’s for sure!
  3. Shih Tzu – this is the small dog breed that a lot of dog owners know about. The Chinese Shih Tzu is a good example of a dog that can be well groomed to be a really cute dog and is owned by a lot of condo unit and apartment owners. A lot of people who want to own a small dog breed usually consider a Shih Tzu for a pet.
  4. Pekingese – the Pekingese lies in the same lineage as the Shih Tzu, being Chinese and Asian and full of coat. The drawback perhaps to a dog of this kind of breed is that it requires a lot of grooming hours and sometimes it can be aggressive.
  5. Jack Russel Terrier – this type of terrier small dog breed is one heck of a very happy and enthusiastic vigorous dog breed that your kids will definitely love. It will usually be too hyper so it needs to be disciplined if you want to keep it from destroying the couch. Nonetheless, it is a fun and loving dog breed you are sure to love!

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