What Size Of Dog Breed Is Best For Adoption?

If you are a dog lover, then you know they come in different sizes. You will find anything from large, medium and small dogs. It is important to choose the right size when adopting a dog since it can determine the cost and the demands or functions the dog can play once it is in your property. So, which one is a better choice, the big dogs or small dogs? The answer lies in the good and the bad of each and what you find to be most ideal.

Larger sized dogs

They of course will require a little more of everything compared to small dogs. When choosing large dogs remember:

  • They need more play space, meaning you must have a large yard to accommodate their needs.
  • They will also require longer walks and more care with more pooping meaning a bigger shovel and scoop.
  • They eat more food and require more tick and flea medicine.
  • They can be expensive to buy and might require expensive vet checkups and have a shorter lifespan.
  • They, however make very good guard and watch dogs and since they are more intimidating.
  • They can be a status symbol. They for instance, make wonderful matching choices for large estates, setting them apart.

Small sized dogs

Just like the larger dogs, they come with their good and bad. When thinking of adopting smaller sized dogs, here is what you need to remember.

  • They don’t need too much space, hence work best even for smaller areas.
  • They need shorter walks, hence are not too time demanding.
  • They are more or pets and can be cuddly enough to accompany you during sleep.
  • They are highly affectionate compared to larger dogs and will curl and snuggle with ease in your lap.
  • They might need professional grooming which translates into extra expenses, but they cost less and feed less which saves you a great deal in the end over larger dogs.
  • They are most suitable for condos and apartments and will make your road trips easier and enjoyable since they are easier to handle. You will manage even in areas where you need to use the elevator.
  • They have longer life spans compared to larger dogs.
  • The small dogs are, however harder to train since they tend to be independent, feisty and stubborn.

Before adopting a dog, it is always important to make personal considerations of how easy it will be for you to look after your dog. Remember that even dogs require utmost care and you therefore must find a size that you can keep up with. Large and medium dogs tend to be more demanding in everything compared to small dogs. When choosing them, therefore ensure that you can set aside the time they need. If you work with a busy schedule and you are looking for a dog that’s more of a pet, then the smaller dogs should make amazing options for you. Weighing your needs and capabilities will in the end help you make the right choice.

Dogs come in different sizes but you need to remember that some stay small all their lives while others will grow big even when you buy them small. Choose the right breed and size to your convenience.

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