5 Most Expensive Dog Breed

When buying pets for instance dogs, there various factors to consider. One of those factors is the price. In turn, there are many things that contribute to their cost for instance, the breed of the dog. This means that dog breeds are priced differently. This article discusses the most expensive dog breeds. This is normally based on the toys, beddings, food, health related complications, among other expenses that breeders incur.

List of the most expensive dog breed

1. Samoyed

These dogs are always known for their weather resistant coat. They are colorful but often bright. People have been known to buy these dogs for their looks for instance the coat, and the smiles. Furthermore, they are identified with various characters such as:

• Herding

• Pack hiding

• Weight pulling

• Conformation shows

They are priced at about $4000 to $11000.

2. English bulldog

The English bulldog is listed as one of the most expensive breeds. This is as a result of their lovable, gentle, and silly characters. The breed is constantly prone to various health problems such as:

• Heat sensitivity

• Elbow and hip dysplasia

• Breathing problems among others

suggesting more visits to the vet. They are priced at about $3,000. Nevertheless, sometimes people pay from $2500 up to $9000 for them.

3. Chow Chow

Modern ages can truly change things; this breed was normally used as working dog in the past. However, it can be found offering company to people. It has an appearance especially the fur around the neck resembles that of a lion. However, its unique tongue color is the most extraordinary feature. This breed costs about $3000 to $8500.

4. German shepherd

This dog is known all over the world. They are identified with their brown skin as well as huge size. They are adorable and probably one of the cutest puppies in the world. However, they have various health problems that requires attention when being bred. They normally cost $2500 and above.

5. Irish wolfhound

It is characterized by its tall nature. Despite being one of the tallest of dogs, it is still one of the most expensive dog breeds. They have been identified for different generations for their athletic character. They are priced at $1500 to about $2000.

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