7 Dog Movies for Kids You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now 

Love dogs? There are multiple dog movies you can stream on Netflix if you want a good canine film. Here are a few picks.

 The Fox and the Hound 


What better place to start than with Disney animation’s 1981 classic, The Fox and the Hound. The movie is a classic buddy comedy, but with a heart. That’s because these two friends must struggle to stay united in the face of society, which wants to break them up because they are different. That’s right, Disney’s little animated movie has a powerful message about the strength of friendship.


  1. Ruben

    Fox and Hound Yaaaas

  2. Martin Buren

    my kids are obsessed with 101 dalmatians

    • Let It Go

      I WISH mine were. My kids are still obsessed with frozen and since there is only one movie I have to listen to the blasted thing 5 times a day!

  3. Ellen

    Good suggestions

  4. Corey Allenwood

    Sounds like a good movie night for us dog lovers.

  5. Brianna

    Aww some of my faves. Oliver and Company is the best.

  6. Heather

    Who doesn’t love Hooch? That dog deserves an Oscar!

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