Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Paw Print: 5 Ways to Go Green with Your Dog

5 Ways to Reduce You and Your Dog’s Carbon Paw Print: Green Dog Products

The idea of “going green” isn’t just for humans, because there’s plenty of changes or choices you can make to reduce your dog’s carbon paw print as well! We’ve rounded-up five ways you can reduce your waste, go green, and even help out your community. All of these are painless and just implementing one can go a long way.

Choose Organic and All-Natural Pet Products

Shop smart for pet products that won’t damage the environment, because not only will you make a good choice for your pet but you’ll make one for your dog. Companies that specialize in all-natural and eco-friendly pet products also have a commitment to sustainability. You can know that your purchase is going further because the companies use carbon neutral shipping, recycled post-consumer content, wind-powered facilities and other sustainable practices. Read the labels for brands you currently shop for, because you may be surprised at how much you can recycle the packaging.

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