6 Must-Go Dog Parks in the USA

Dogs are big time travelers, at least according to the statistics released by the Travel Industry Association of America. They say 78% of pets that travel are dogs. With so many dogs traveling around the country, they need a place to relax, play and just a be a dog. Communities across the U.S. are adding dog parks as people in urban spaces look to have places where their dogs are free to play off-leash. An April 2015 study by The Trust for Public Land found that dog parks are surging in popularity, growing 20% in the last five years. These spaces are popular because not only do they let dogs play, but they offer a great way for the owners to socialize with other dog owners and enjoy the outdoors. Here are 6 of the coolest dog parks we’ve seen.

Newtown Dream Dog Park – Johns Creek, Georgia

Located inside Newtown Park, this one-acre area is a splash world for dogs. You’ll find spinklers for them to run in plus bridges, tunnels, hoops, and a walking trail. There’s also water fountains for dogs and their people. The dog park was created by Purina and chosen in a $500,000 contest. Now the dogs of John Creek can run and play all day.

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