5 Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

Let’s face it, sometimes when you love dogs, you get way too many dog-themed gifts, and your house is cluttered with dog kitsch.  If you want to save a friend from that ordeal, but want to give a great gift to your favorite dog lover, you need to think outside the box! You may like to give dog-centered gifts, but it can be hard to find a dog lover something beyond the typical t-shirts and mugs. If you’re looking for a thoughtful but unusual dog lover gift, read on, because we’ve rounded 5 great items for anyone who loves dogs. The gift recipient will love these too, because all of the items featured in the gallery are useful or custom pieces of art.


Custom Sockdogs by Stacey Hsu


Stacey Hsu is an Etsy artist who turns socks into lovable works of art. You can order a custom sock dog (or cat, or other animal) that looks just like your friend’s animal. You can also buy a gift certificate for her service. The work of Hsu is incredible, and anyone can appreciate these recreation of furry friends with socks. Each animal comes with hand-painted detailing, are made from brand-new sock and faux fur, and come with a ID tag of your pet’s name. 10% of each dog purchased goes towards Kansas City’s homeless pets and various rescues.  It’s sock dogs with a cause! Prices start at $185.


  1. Treat11

    Ahhh I love that phone case!!!!

  2. anonymous

    the sockings are so amazing.

  3. Ronnie

    Love these gift ideas, keep em coming!

  4. H&L Dogs

    I’ve always waned a custom print of my dogs, Huey and Louis.

  5. Anne

    sponsor me is a wonderful thing, it’s so nice to be able to have money go to a good cause.

  6. Collie Mania

    Ordering that wine now. It’ll be a smashing wedding gift for my brother and his wife, who are dog breeders (Border Collies)

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