A New Breed, the Pumi, Recognized by the AKC

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has officially recognized a new dog breed known as the Pumi. The Pumi is the 190th dog breed to be added to the registry. Pumi is pronounced “Poom-e,” and originates from Hungary, where the dogs were used to herd sheep and other livestock. They are related to another AKC-recognized dog breed, the Puli, which has a thick corded coat. Both dogs are known to be lively, intelligent quick learners who are helpful for farmers. Now that’s it’s officially recognized, the Pumi may officially compete in the world-famous Westminister National Dog Show this November.

pumi-dogHistory of the Pumi

The campaign to have the Pumi recognized as a legitimate AKC breed started two decades ago, and now the efforts have paid off. To be recognized as an oficial AKC breed, the Pumi had to have a certain population quota and meet other requirements set forth by the organization; current AKC information puts the population quota at a minium of 300 to 400 dogs with pedigrees of at least three generations. Further, the breed club must show that the dog is a national breed located in at least 20 states. The official breed club is now the Hungarian Pumi Club of America. The Pumi is now eligible as of July 1, 2016, to compete in the Herding Group category at agility and dog shows.

The earliest recorded mention of the Pumi is from the year 1815, and the dog was imported into Finland in 1972, where it remains one of the most popular Hungarian Herding Dogs. Pumi dogs are still popular in their native country of Hungary, however, with over 2,000 registrations for the breed in the 1990’s, according to the AKC.


The Pumi Appearance and Personality

The Pumi’s features include a corkscrewed coat and floppy ears, and are active high-energy pets. The AKC defines the Pumi with the following characteristics: “A long head and a whimsical expression, with a tail that forms a circle over the back.” Pumi coats come in black, white, gray and fawn shades, and to be officially recognized as a purebred, the Pumi has a combination of wavy and curly hair, not smooth or corded.

The Pumi has fans in the United States, and the breed is still used to chase away rabbits and other animals that would destroy crops; the Pumi also makes a good bomb-sniffing dog. Although dog fans may be attracted to the new breed and think they can be cuddly lapdogs, Pumi experts warn that the dogs are high-maintenace and “aren’t for the lazy.” Those interested in getting a Pumi for their home need to be avalaible to play and exercise the dog, as the Pumi can get bored easily. The Pumi is a member of the Herding Group, and needs a high level of exercise, described as “always ready to work.” The breed is noted to be good with children, however, young children need to be supervised with the breed as a Pumi may bite or snap if provoked. If considering a Pumi, you need to make sure that the dog will have plenty of space to run, as the breed is quite athletic.


  1. Lovemyd

    It looks like a rabbit or something! So cute!

  2. shana

    I’ve never seen these before! I love them!

  3. Michelle_the_Belle

    I’ve been wanting one since I saw it on a Buzzfeed list! I bet they get really popular now.

  4. Sene

    they may be be adorable but they’re very high maintenance!

  5. Joy

    I need a farm dog.. it’s weird this would be one, but I think I’m in love!m

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