Classic Dog Books Every Dog Lover Should Read

Dogs have been some of the most enduring animal characters in fiction for decades, with canines being the faithful companions to many popular book characters. From Tin-Tin and his faithful dog Snowy, to the loyal collie Lassie in Lassie-Come-Home, dogs have made their mark on the literature world. Here are 6 dog books every dog lover should read.



Lassie-Come-Home launched the brand of Lassie and let millions know the beloved collie. The novel was authored by Eric Knight. The character of Lassie made her first appearance in a story published in 1938 as a fictional feature in a magazine. The feature became a novel in 1940, and won rave acclaim, later launching a motion picture of the same name. Several other Lassie movies and television series followed, each with a collie named Lassie.


  1. Harry

    Good recs – I saved a few for my kids. She’s dog crazy.

  2. Todd

    I never knew 101 dalmatians was a book!

  3. Jamie

    OMG, I read Ribsy as a kid!

  4. liana

    oh wow, i didn’t know the origin of lassie.

  5. Vanessa

    ….I have to check and see if any of these have a dead dog before I give them to my kids.

    • Vanessa

      You’re good with 101 dalmatians and ribsy for sure. Read them as a kid. Shiloh too since it has sequels!

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