French Dog Breeds

Dogs are said as the most intelligent companion animal to human. Yup, there is a strong bond between human and dog where it is stronger than with other animals. Even, this bond is like a friendship and family bond. That is why adopting dogs for some people are like adopting son and daughter. But sure, it is shall as the master and companion. And there are many dog breeds can be selected. There are American, Russian, Germany and more including French dog breeds.

May be the more famous French dog breeds is Bulldog although there are also other French dog breeds large, medium and small that is friendlier and easy to train too. There are many kinds and type of these French dogs such Ariege Pointer, Ariegeois, Artois Hound, Beagle-Harrier, Beauceron, Berger Picard and many more. The people can adopt the dogs based on the size of the body such small or toy, medium, large and giant or based on the characters and colors of the coat.

There are many reasons people choose French dog breeds as their companion or friends. They are trained with housetrain and other methods of training based on their characters and personalities. It is right that understanding the characters and personalities of the dogs is the first thing should be done before going further to the next level of training. And by understanding their character, the master can know the likes and dislikes.

French dog breeds are not only trained but also named. Usually, the name of the dogs will be taken from the origin of the dogs. For this French dog, French dog breeds names will be more suitable and cooler. There are also great of name list you can find from many sources in the internet. You can find the right one as the characters of the dogs. Dogs will understand too about their name when the master mention or call the name, they will come and ready to the next command.

You can select the French dog breeds based on the coat type and colors too. Yup, the various kinds, types and groups of the dogs make them have different type of coat too. This is the interesting part in adopting dogs including French dog. The type of the coat like short, long, silky or smooth and others can be related to the fashion trend. It means, the dogs with beautiful coat can be fashioned with the trendy style and fashion.
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