Havanese Dogs, Personality and Behavior

Havanese dogs are famous in the world of home pet. And as many people know about benefits of having dogs furthermore for the European and American people, dog as a pet is also as the part of lifestyle and also best friend at the same time. Havanese is one of the dog breeds that have playful and happy character. Even, it is said as the sturdiest and brightest dog pet. And they are enjoying playing with games of ‘pull the hidden toy’ like from your cabinet.

Havanese dogs can be very conservative with strangers. So, it is important for the master to build their confident with socialization. Even the Havanese dogs temperament can be reduced when they can socialize faster even by other pets in the home. They also love of training and playing games furthermore if they are rewarded with food. They also love on training tricks. This makes the master to know more about the behavior of Havenese to understand more.

Havanese dogs have good skills and fast in adapting with new environment. But sure the Havanese breeders have a difficult training as issued with housebreaking. They are quite slow on house training. So, the master needs to be creative in training them because they like to perch on a chair, sofa or high back to look out the window. So, they may announce the visitors. And there are also more other characters that can make you to select this dog as your pet.

Havanese dogs have small body, sturdier and also healthier than Maltese as their cousin. They also don’t need much more outdoor exercise just like other dogs. They have nice character, playful and sure they are entertaining. Even they are not an aggressive dog; they can be very effective to be watchdog. And the good behavior is also when they are kind and good with the other pets in your home. And they also have long coat. It can be clipped and can be dressed with cute and lovely look.

But sure, Havanese dogs are not a good option for your home pet if you don’t like the barking. They will bark and be destructive when you leave along them too long. It is also called as separation anxiety. When you don’t make them in enough socialization, they are very shy. It has a frequent brushing too and little bit mild stubbornness. Those are some behaviors of this dog as dog pet that the master should understand.

havanese dogs images

havanese dogs pictures

havanese dogs

pictures of havanese dogs

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