What to Do With Your Dog on a Rainy Day

It is frustrating for both you and your dog to look outside the window and see nothing but rain or snow. Many dog breeds like to get outside every day, so a rainy day can be a real problem for everyone. Thankfully there are some indoor games and tricks you can practice to make the rainy day go away. Here’s a list of the most fun indoor playtime activities.


Some people instinctively keep their pets away from the staircase, afraid the animals will take a tumble. But your dogs (and cats) are more sturdy than your toddler, and they have balance to run up and down the steps with no problems at all. Let your dog chase you up and down the steps. You will wind up getting as much of a workout as he does.

Fortunately, people don’t need to give chase for the dogs to have fun on the stairs. Toss a ball to the bottom of the top of the stairs and watch your dog race to meet it. The dog might even enjoy playing a game of fetch that way.

Go Fetch

Speaking of fetch, for dogs who love the game, staying inside feels like a punishment. However if you have a nice long hallway, turn it into a mini-raceway, where your dog can play fetch almost as well as he does in the yard. To keep your personal items safe, we recommend using toys that are not balls. When there are more than one of you in the house, position yourselves at both ends of the hall and invite you dog to a game of keep-away.

Snack Time

For dogs who are reluctant to get their indoor exercise groove on, you may need to add a little incentive. Create a little trail of treats for the dog to search out and gobble up. Put him in the bathroom while you scatter the treats, then watch him go on a hunt that rivals any child’s easter egg hunt. (Common sense rules still apply – be sure not to hide treats inside objects or up high where the dog and your things can come crashing to the ground.

Great places to hide treats include the stairs or inside a puzzle toy that releases treats as the dog plays. Puzzle toys are always something you should have on hand for your dog, since they stimulate the mind at the same time they exercise the body.

Indoor Dog Parks

Some cities have indoor dog parks where you and your dog can run around on artificial turf. Check with your local dog spas, since many have indoor dog-only playgrounds you might be able to take advantage of.

Dog and Pet Shops

When in doubt, keep your dog busy with a fun trip to the pet store. Most pet stores will welcome your pup, letting him browse the aisles and choose his own treats. It’s also a good day to hit up the dog groomer, giving your dog a little pampering. There are some coffee shops and breweries that actually welcome your dog, so think outside the box on that rainy day.


  1. Marten Madden

    Thanks for the article, some good ideas.

  2. None

    Super suggestions.

  3. Milano

    I don’t want my dogs thinking they should sprint up and down the stairs.

    • Yellow Lab

      Nah, you can train them not to do it without permission. Mark of a good dog leader.

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