What To Know About German Shepherd Puppies

The German Shepherd Puppies

breed of large-sized, hardworking dogs originating in Germany, is relatively new to the canine world, first coming into prominence around 1900. Their original purpose was to herd sheep but their intelligence, trainability and obedience ultimately led the dogs along different avenues, including search-and-rescue, police and military work and even acting jobs. German Shepherds are the second most popular breed of dog in the United States, and while the puppies don’t stay small for long, they are a great choice for families looking for a good-natured pet.

Most think German Shepherds

as being only black and tan in color, some dogs are more reddish hued in their coats. This breed of dog also has something called a double coat – they have an outer coat, which will shed throughout the year, and a thick undercoat as well.

In terms of temperament,German Shepherds

live up to their intelligent reputation. They are highly active and self-assured by nature, but have a strong willingness to learn new things and be taught by an owner. Because they are also naturally curious, they do well in new environments, and that’s what makes them ideal in their mission work with police. German Shepherds can be overprotective, especially as puppies when they are not yet socialized. It is not in a German Shepherds nature to immediately befriend strangers, which goes back to their overprotective nature, but they warm up to the family and friends they are around consistently.

Originally German Shepherds

were bred for working, but over the years, the breed has been as much a house dog as a work/field dog. They have a reputation as a safe animal to have around young children because of their intelligence and their generally docile nature. With their ability to learn simple tasks with few repetitions in the teaching, and their ability to obey commands as much as 95% of the time, they are an ideal animal to have either around the home or on the farm/in the work space. They are also thought to be among the most loyal breed of dogs, again because of their more sensitive and intelligent nature.

When considering if bringing a German Shepherd puppy into your home is the right move, consider if the dog you’re looking for will be spending time with young children, or with older adults most often and if the dog will be used during outside work as well. As energetic and fun-loving as the breed is, the dog will require plenty of time outside and plenty of love from the family around it. Regular grooming is also important because of the two coats German Shepherds wear. They might seem like a lot of work, but their loving and loyal nature make them worthwhile.

German shepherd facts:

  • German shepherds adore their owners
  • German shepherds protect the ones who love them if danger appear.
  • German shepherds require a means to burn off some energy, since they have a lot.
  • German shepherds are simple to train.
  • German shepherds run at top speed, halt suddenly. That’s the reasons they’re used as a police and military dog.

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