Taking Your Dog to the Beach? Remember These Things!

Spring is finally here and with it comes the warm weather that makes it so delightful. If a beach vacation is on your mind, then you might want to take along your favorite furry friend as well. Your dog may enjoy the sun and surf just as much as you do, and the two of you can have a great time with the right preparation. It’s not enough to just show up, because your dog has needs, and you need to make sure you fulfill them, especially if you’re on a crowded beach far from home. If this is your first time taking your dog to the beach, be sure you heed these tips.



  1. felton

    great ideas for sure

  2. 95

    Yes make sure you bring clean water. DO NOT let your dog drink saltwater even though he will try.

  3. Zoe B

    Great tips thanks!

  4. sunshine

    from little paws to sunscreen, basically treat your dog with the same care you would your kids.

    • ryan

      Excellent thought, yes.

  5. Chris Fedor

    And don’t let your dog run up the beach or in the water too far ahead of you. Gotta keep them in your eyesight at all times. Beach isn’t run wild time.

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