Do’s and Don’ts at the Dog Park

2. Bring an Over-Hyped Dog to the Park


Yes, it’s true you bring the dog to the park to get rid of his excess energy. However, the park should not be your exclusive place to take your dog for exercise and socialization. Bringing a dog who has been caged all day to the park can cause extreme stress for your dogs and others, since the dog will be hyper and may cause all the other dogs to go nuts too. Since you want to avoid fights or intense chases, you should let your dog blow off a little steam before he gets to the dog park.


  1. Anonymous

    Great article! It’s important for people to know that you don’t just turn your dog loose and let them tear up the park.

  2. Grounded

    my pet peeve is when people just drop the leash and let their dog run around with it dragging the ground.

  3. Sam Smyz

    There’s no excuse for not picking up after the dog at the park. They usually have plenty of baggies and stations to dispose of waste.

  4. Hoosier Girl

    Great article!

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